Powered Bariatric Evacuation Chair EZGlide POWER


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Product Overview

The EZGlide POWER Bariatric Evacuation Chair now offers customers a powered solution to access and evacuation.

– Easy to use and manoeuvre
– Good Passenger safety and comfort
– Flexible

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Product Description

The EZGlide POWER the Most compact powered chair that goes UP and DOWN stairs

This Powered Bariatric Chair has been designed for patient and operator safety when evacuating or accessing a building is required.

With A Load Capacity of 230kg (35 st) and a new improved constant operating time that will ensure your passenger and operator can access or evacuate any building.

The Extremely Strong Full Metal Frame POWER EZGlide chair to accommodate larger patients.

With its motorised operation maximising and ensuring operator and passenger safety allowing for complete peace of mind as a single operator chair.