Stairmate Major


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Product Overview

– Large Platform
– Auxiliary Wheels
– Steel Reinforced Tracks
– Flexible Solution
– Suitable for virtually any wheelchair

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Product Description

The unique Stairmate-major effortlessly carries all types of wheelchair including power chairs, up or down staircases and steps in evacuation or access situations.

Large Platform:
The Stairmate Major will accommodate virtually any wheelchair, including manual, electric and sports chairs.
Safety Straps:
Integrated tie-down straps and seatbelt hold the wheelchair securely on to the platform.

Auxillary Wheels:
Large wheels allow the attendant to easily move the Stairmate Major across flat surfaces and around stairway landingsDual Motors:
The powerful dual motors, powered by a rechargeable battery, can carry 440lbs or 200kgs up 30 flights of stairs on a single charge.

Steel Reinforced Tracks:
Rubber tracks with special saw-tooth lugs securely grip the stairway. Hundreds of steel wires molded into the tracks ensure strength and durability. The long track length provides stability on the stairway.

Flexible Solution:
The Stairmate Major can be used both indoors and outside. The Stairmate Major can also be easily transported between locations, allowing one unit to provide convenient and dignified access for a number of buildings.