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Product Overview

Entirely padded with extra wide velcro strips ensures complete protection and passenger safety over any stairs or terrain for vertical and horizantal evacuation.

Product Description

This evacuation mat is entirely padded and offers the patient complete comfort when a need for evacuation is required. As with any evacuation pad it is fast and easy to use and with extra wide velcro straps completely encapsulating the patient there is an added safety for the patient and operator with no risk of the passenger reaching out while in recuse.Adjusts to any size for complete patient comfort.

– Fast and Easy to Use
– Entirely Padded for Patient Comfort and Protection
– Extra Wide Velcro Straps To completely enclose and secure the patient for additional safety
– Foam Pillow for Head Area
– Fits Any Size
– Less than 2Kg
– 400kg Load Capacity
– Compact Storage
– Suitable for any surface or terrain
– Strong and Durable for Multi-Use
– Horizontal & Vertical Evacuation
– Seatbelt Strength Safety Straps with Double Stitched Safety
– No Physical Strain when in use on the Operator
– Ideal for Hospitals, Care & Residential Homes and Community Centres