Perfolight Combi


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Product Overview

A versatile ramp providing:

– Telescopic section can be used at any length
– Incredibly compact storage
– good choice for bridging a threshold with unequal levels each side
– extra width options for larger mobility devices

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Product Description

This unique product combines both folding and telescopic features, making it one of the most versatile ramps on the market. Now also available in lower cost standard width channel option.

Four different models available:
PC21-3 – Each half: 6.8kg, Width: 19.5cm
Length Min – 150cm
Length Max – 207cm
Stored dimensions: 76 x 23.5 x 10 cm

PC28-3 – Each half: 8.6kg, Width: 19.5cm
Length Min – 200cm
Length Max – 280cm
Stored dimensions: 100x 23.5 x 10cm

PCW21-3 – Each half: 8.3 kg, Width: 25cm
Length Min – 150cm
Length Max – 213cm
Stored dimensions: 77 x 29 x 10cm

PCW30-3 – Each half: 11.3kg, Width: 25cm
Length Min – 200cm
Length Max – 298cm
Stored dimensions: 106 x 29 x 10cm

Kerb height: 5cm (2 inches)