Dorgard X – for Noisy Environments


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Product Overview

Dorgard X like the standard product offers solutions to ensure Fire Doors automatically close in the event of a Fire with the added enhancements required to cope with noisy areas with busy thoroughfares.

Ideal for Restaurants, Hotel Foyets, Heavy Industry, Manufacturing Plants and the like.

Product Description

• Ideal for noisy and public environments e.g. Heavy industrial sites, Restaurants, Hotel Lobbys etc.
• State of the art technology solution.
• Dorgard DTX1 installs beside fire alarm sounder,
Dorgard DRX1 fits on any number of fire doors
within 30 metre range, Dorgard DTX1 automatically signals
Dorgard DRX1 to release fire door when fire alarm sounds
• Smart, unobtrusive and robust design
• Easy foot-operated release and adjustment
• Automatic night-time release facility
• DRXI available in black, mahogany, red and white
• DTXI available in white only

BSEN 1155: 1997
Manufacturer’s classification
number 357113 – Building Hardware. Electrically powered hold-open devices for swing doors.

BS EN 50081 – 1:1992
– Electro-magnetic compatibility.
Generic emission standard. Residential, commercial and light industry.

BS EN 50082 – 1:1997
– Electro-magnetic compatibility.
Generic immunity standard. Residential, commercial and light industry. Dorgard also
complies fully with all relevant European Directives and UK workplace Regulations (Fire
Precautions) 1997